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Virtual Gifts

Give a virtual gift to your current friends, or new people you want to meet. Virtual gifts also allow you to send a private message to any user on Camfrog. Even if the user is on privacy mode he or she can still receive and read your message. Begin sending your virtual gift by choosing the item you want to send below. Virtual gifts and gift points disappear from user profiles after 90 days

  Platinum Points Packs ($50-$500 & 101-1001 points) .Order Now
Platinum Virtual Gifts ($ 14.95 - 30 points) . Order Now

Group Themed Platinum Gifts ($ 14.95 - 30 points) . Order Now

The Caring Collection ($ 9.95 - 20 points) . Order Now

Food Items ($ 4.95 - 10 points) . Order Now

Classic Virtual Gifts

Looking for a gift that you can no longer find on the main page? Sometimes we replace older virtual gifts with new gifts to keep the gifts fresh and new


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Camfrog Bot - Register

Add a Camfrog Bot to your Camfrog server with these features

  • Make a fun Quiz game for your users. You provide the questions.
  • Keep detailed logs of all chat in your room.
  • Log all public text in your room.
  • Automatically kick and punish users for typing bad words or phrases.
  • See who banned someone in your room with /whobanned.
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Camfrog Room Pro Code

Upgrade to Camfrog Server Pro

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